domingo, 14 de maio de 2017

Are you going to age with grace?

I turn 24 today, you wished me a happy birthday and told me that I need to keep myself alive, you said there's no guarantee we'll meet in the afterlife. You told me you wanna see me age, become a better woman, acquire new flaws and new qualities. Said you're not only in love with me now, but you love me here and you'll love me then. Said you feel inexplicably connected to me. I've never been in the presence of someone that comfortable with me. I've never been so comfortable in exposing myself either. Maybe we are really connected. Quantum entanglement? You are the one to figure it out. You're happily welcomed to my isolated system. Guess it's ours now. We'll keep ourselves isolated, in hope someday we'll be out of our perfect bubble in this stupid parallel universe. No, seriously, we're both fucked up people, I hope we can be fucked up together, maybe someday in the future. The odds are against us, though. I can only be grateful for having you, you made me dream again. Life will probably put us in different roads, but you gave me a great plot to a love story book. Hope I can keep writing about us and the benign indifference of the universe.

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