domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

I'm feeling paranoid. Anxiety is killing me. Can't trust anyone. Starting to think everyone is trying to sabotage me. I don't need help. It's just a stupid thing caused by stress. I've been stressed lately. I have this feeling in my throat, can't breathe properly. I'm fated to pretend. There's this feeling of being a flame which is about to be extinguished. Wanna see the blast, wanna see it in slow motion, wanna feel it lacerating me, I was always set to self-destruction. The soldier said he's not afraid to die. I don't understand death, it gives me the creeps, it feels quite stupid the everyday task of going against entropy, though. I don't want the balance, want life to be raw, exposed flesh. Can't trust myself. Starting to think I'm trying to sabotage me.

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